Disadvantage of web development

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    There are a lot of advantages web development has to offer. The advantage are countless, from social networking, shopping, education and even basic research is just a few to mention. Unfortunately, technology carries a few problems.Trojan programs that share files via instant messenger,Phishing, Fake Websites.,Spoofing,Spyware ,Information Brokers ,Internet Public Records,Trojan Horses,Wormhole Attack are a few to mention. Identity theft is one topic worth discussing. We always tell our clients never to post or put in public and private or sensitive information. Failure to secure important or sensitive information can cause lost of data, lost of password or even lost or money. Once your information is made public, anyone can copy or replicate this. So always take the necessary precautions and dont share everything.

    Most disadvantages are direct results of negligence. An example isusing public computers which constitute 65% of online users in the Philippines. You can use certain extensions that hide your history or browsing behavior such as incognito and private browsing but this is useless if certain applications are already monitoring your use. Not logging out accounts you have opened is a common error which definitely is a problem. Using common passwords such as 1232456 or 1234 is also a common error, according to studies and research it is one of the top worst common password of 2013. Sharing passwords is also a no.

    As a precaution, make sure to have an alternate email and fill out all security questions. Never share passwords and never share private information.

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