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    There are a lot of skills required in wed development, this includes wed development in the Philippines which has no difference in other countries. Keep in mind that web development is not confined to what clients or users can see, which is the client or user side, or end user apps whatever its nature or purpose. This also includes the server side, internet architecture and topography. The server side is normally your hosting, domain names, bandwidth and other things on the other end required to make the website run. Architecture and topography is normally the broad band provider such as PLDT DSL or Globe tattoo broad band. The terms surrounding this is your internet bandwidth speed for upload and download. Since you are not required to host your own web site you'll need internet connection for ftp. Your cellular provider can also provide this such as globe or suns Wi-Fi hot spots and mobile internet. Most basic skills describe on other websites does not include the internet provider. We decided to include this information to make you, our clients

    For basic web development skills, wed developers should know basic html, graphic design, copy writing and content writing, SEO, usability and accessibility.

    For our customers we basically have all this services free except for copy writing and content writing. This is an actual saving for our clients since our web developers simply require existing company profiles, company branding and existing marketing techniques for online implementation.

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