Medical Clinic Management System

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Medical Clinic Management System

Please Note: Packages start at P99,000. Actual pricing varies according to your needs.

Gatessoft All-In-One Medical Clinic Management System for medical clinics.

The first all-in-one medical clinic management system in the world. No additional software needed.

Specifically designed to precisely meet the needs of medical clinic owners. Choose from any or all of the following:

  • All-In-One Medical Clinic Software Solution
    • Choose from Appointments, Cashiering, PIS Patient Information System, Accounting, Inventory, HRIS Human Resources Information System & Payroll, Fixed Asset, and Timekeeping modules. Seamless integration, totally compatible. HUGE SAVINGS, bye-bye headaches!
    • Modular Design: Add or subtract modules to suit your requirements.
    • Scalable To Your Needs: Designed to serve every clinic operation from small, single-site clinics to large, multi-service, multi-branch, mall-based operations.

  • Clinic Cashiering
    • Complete cashiering operation.
    • 100% owner or management controlled system access.
    • Detailed sales and revenue reports.
    • Inventory module.
    • Anti-fraud measures make employee theft/fraud nearlyimpossible

  • Clinic Patient Information System
    • Complete Medical Records Module
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Patient Profiles
    • Treatment History/Rx/Notes
    • Attachment of all file types including jpg, video, doc, pdf and so on.
      • HMO module
      • Patient Queuing System (just like at your bank!)
      • Tablet Ready Patient Data Input

  • Web Based Clinic Data Management
    • Secure system access from any location with internet connection.
    • Centralize data from any number of branches or in-the-field medical services.
    • Web Based Appointment System
    • CMS Clinic Management System may be connected to your existing website or well include a new website in your package!
    • Executive access from your lap top or iPad, plus daily executive updates!

Modernize, optimize, and monetize your efforts! Inquire now for 1st Quarter 2015 special pricing!


Gatessoft Corp.


[email protected]

Suite 607 VGP Center

6772 Ayala Avenue

San Lorenzo Village Makati 1229

Gatessoft is a Canadian-American software development team and consulting firm specializing in scalable, fully integrated software solutions for medical clinics.


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