Linx Provi 8 Smart Start (Play School)

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Unsure if your child is ready to go to school? We got you covered! Read the article below:


1. He/she can recite the alphabet and count at least until 10.

It is assumed that a child can already count and recite the alphabet before going to school. Parents are known to be responsible to teach the alphabet and numbers 1-5/10.

He/she can hold a pencil or cut with scissors.

Motor skills are needed, especially for starters on writing.

2. He/she can go to the bathroom or eat by him/herself.

One thing is necessary in school, the student must be self-sufficient. He/she must somewhat be independent enough to do tasks on his own or needs little of supervision.

He/she follows rules, regulations and instructions will always be part of any field to have a standard or peace. It is, then, needed that the child knows how to follow simple instructions.

3.Talks to other people.

Communication is vital to build relationships and have peace within a group or ones self. When a kid can interact with people within his or her age range as well as those who are older, he develops his social skills. He/she will spend time with other children this is why your child must know how to converse with people.

Can your child do most of the said activities? If yes, then enroll now to Linx Provi 8's Smart Start!


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