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Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) Business Packages



SAP 2500
SAP 2500 Advance Business Package
SAP 2500 Advance Business Package
SAP 2500 Pro Business Package

Ideal for Offices, Hotels, Restaurant and Water Refilling Stations

Almost all of the current refilling stations are producing purified water (water with zero minerals) using the reverse osmosis technology.

The Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) offers a very good business alternative to offer the highest form of drinking water, the NATURAL ALKALINE WATER.

It is a stand out business that immediately draws the big difference in product THE UNHEALTHY ACIDIC PURIFIED WATER vs THE HEALTHY NATURAL ALKALINE WATER.

Alkaline Water Benefits:

  • Best form of drinking water
  • Alkaline water nourishes the body cells and neutralizes acids (Fatty Acids, Sugar Acids, Uric Acids, Citric Acids)
  • Plenty of oxygen that nourishes cells. Perfect for CANCER PREVENTION.
  • Check our blog for the Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water.

The INGEN Superiority Introducing the Most Advantageous Water Station Packages:
  • LOW INVESTMENT: Small area requirement, Competitive Package Prices, No need for EXPENSIVE Reverse Osmosis requirements like water tanks and pumps.
  • FAST ROI: Usually takes 5 to 6 months to recover your investment. Other water refilling stations usually takes years to recover investments due to high investment amount.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND ECONOMICAL TO MAINTAIN: SAP 2500 is practically a plug and play machine that allows you to start your business rapidly and easier to maintain.
  • ZERO WATER WASTE, LESS ENERGY (Eco-Friendly): Compared to REVERSE OSMOSIS (which throws as much as 80% water to the drain and only use 20% drinking water), SAP 2500 offers ZERO Water Waste which lowers your operating cost. Also, SAP 2500 does not require any electric motor pumps significantly lowering your energy cost.
  • High Quality Sterilized, Purified, Natural Alkaline Water: High Water PH. SAP 2500 includes Filters and UV Lamp to give you and your customers a High Quality Drinking Water.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTISE: With more than 50 years of combined water purification experience, we will be able to provide you expert guidance to support your business needs.

SAP 2500 VS Other Reverse Osmosis System in the Market
SAP 2500Reverse Osmosis System with Ionized Alkaline
InvestmentLow investment, Packages start at Php 88,000.00High investment. Average price for this system is around Php 200,000.00 to Php 300,000.00.
Return of InvestmentUsually takes months to recover cost due to lower start-up capital needed.With large startup capital needed for equipment, it may take years to return your investments.
Franchise FeeNONEUsually you need to pay a separate Franchise Fee to operate
Minimum Store AreaSmall area. Can easily fit in a 10sqm of office space.Large area to accommodate large machines.
MaintenanceLow MaintenanceHigh Maintenance
Electricity CostLOWHIGH
Water CostLower due to ZERO Water WasteHIGH
Filter ReplacementsPERIODICFrequent
Kind of AlkalineNaturalArtificial
Kind of WaterPurified, Sterilized, Natural AlkalineAcidic
Waste WaterZEROThrows as much as 80% of water.

Ingen Solutions literally offer a solution to your budget by marketing the most affordable line of financial packages. Be part of our rapidly growing family. Our system is a proven success and yields high financial returns and great opportunities.

Yes, there is money in Water. The difference with INGEN solutions is that there is MORE.
SAP 2500 Starter Business PackageSAP 2500 Advance Business PackageSAP 2500 Pro Business Package
Water Capacity in containers (5 Gallons) per hour14 Containers21 Containers28 Containers
Includes* 2 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* 1 pc goose neck washer of containers
* 2 pcs Pre-filters
* Free air purifier, ionizer and aroma therapy (with 1 free natural essential oil)
* 3 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* 1 pc goose neck washer of containers
* 3 pcs Pre-filters
* Free air purifier, ionizer and aroma therapy (with 1 free natural essential oil)
* 4 units SAP 2500
* 2 pcs Goose Neck
* 1 pc goose neck washer of containers
* 3 pcs Pre-filters
* Free air purifier, ionizer and aroma therapy (with 1 free natural essential oil)
Support1. Provide FREE technical advice on store layout and design.
2. Free assistance on store location evaluation.
3. Free assistance in the marketing formulation and sales strategies.
4. Free technical training.
5. After sales service are rendered within 24 working hours or 3 working days.
6. 1 year product warranty. Consumables (filter cartridges) should be replaced based on water volume production.

Regular Price (SAP 2500)Php 98,000.00Php 136,000.00Php 173,000.00
Current Promo Price

Php 88,000.00

Php 115,000.00

Php 138,000.00

Major SavingsPhp 10,000.00Php 21,000.00Php 35,000.00

*We also offer the SAP 2500 ideal for Home/Personal/Small Office/Canteens. Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) SOLO price: PHP 38,880.00.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*For interested Dealers who would like to sell our Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) Solo for the Visayas/Mindanao Areas please send us an email at contact @ ingenmart.com.

Contact us:
Web (Online Store):http://www.ingenmart.com
Email: contact @ ingenmart.com
Phone: +63 2 923 4064 / +63 2 496 8105
Fax: +63 2 415 5559
Mobile: +63 926 720 4732 (Globe) / +63 933 595 0044 (Sun) / +63 949 617 3889 (Smart)

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