Extendable Steel Baton 490 only! Free Delivery

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EXTENDABLE STEEL BATONS - powerful Self Defense Products

WARNING: These heavy duty locking solid steel batons can be lethal. Used by Police Departments and intended for self defense purposes

Most police officers in the US are issued batons in place of the old billy clubs. The included holster has a built in belt loop to easily fit on duty rigs of security guards and other law enforcement personnel. Positive locking system. Expandable baton will not collapse when you need it extended. Comes with FREE heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying.

Chinese term Tie Gun Lian Shi means Iron Stick, and is used by martial arts experts. The expandable batons fit perfect in your boot or next to you in your car. If a bad guy wants to make trouble, you'll have something for them. Collapsible batons can be easily hidden and quickly extended for immediate use. A whack with one of these will make someone think twice.

Our steel batons come with a foam covered handle for easy gripping and a FREE heavy-duty nylon holster. If you are looking for effective self-defense with extra reach our steel batons are it. Expandable steel batons are standard police equipment for most of America's police departments. Original taper lock with black foam grips. Expandable Steel Batons are designed with positive stop joints. A new weight forward design balanced to maximize kinetic energy transfer is built into every steel baton.

Tip: To close the extendable baton, simply tap at an angle and then strike straight down on an unyielding surface.


Extendable Steel Baton 490 only! Free DeliveryExtendable Steel Baton 490 only! Free DeliveryExtendable Steel Baton 490 only! Free DeliveryExtendable Steel Baton 490 only! Free Delivery


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