TV Multi Media Player USB/SD/MMC RM RMVB MP4 AVI

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Are you still considering buying a multi function media player but the price is so expensive? Now, here is the good news for you!

Play Movie, Browse Photo, Listen Music and Read E-book on TV.

Media Player enables you to enjoy playing multi format movies directly on TV and effectively enhance the resolution of film and photos to achieve the desired viewing. Its also high-end digital equipment which can replace the traditional domestic player.

HD 720P Video Output/External USB, SD/MMC/MS Memory card, USB removable hard disk/ Support multi-format video, audio and picture

Note: Do not support H.264 codec.

SETUP description:

Choose the Set Up key in the main menu or on the remote control to enter the set up menu

Remark: Press up and down to adjust the brightness, press left and right to adjust the parameters, and then press confirm key to finish the set up.


Zoom: 2x, 4x, 8x

Fast-forward/backward: 2x, 3x, 4x

Screen ratio: Choose 4:3 or 16:9

Movies repeat mode: Choose to repeat the selected file or repeat all.

TV out set up: Support YPbPr (720P), NTSC Interlaced, NTSC Interlinear, PAL Interlaced, PAL Interlinear, NTSC composite video or PAL composite video.


Zoom: 2x, 4x, 8x

Rotating: 90, 180, 270 degree.

Image Display Speed: Choose 3 sec, 5 sec, 15 sec, 1 min, 15 min or 1 hr.

Photo Display: Choose zoom and rotate function.


Auto Play:

Choose On or off. When auto play is On, it can play the files in BOX automatically when power on.

Default Setting:

Press the Confirm key directly to enter the default setting of the menu: 5 sec, random, repeat all, repeat all, 4:3, NTSC composite video, off, properties.


In the media selection interface, select the file option, using the UP/DOWN keys to move the cursor to the file what you want to copy or delete , press the right key to select this file and followed by the file name will show a hook, press OSD button, select copy or delete option, and press ENTER to confirm.

Music Repeat Mode:

Choose to repeat the selected file or repeat all.


Storage types

External Support USB SD/MMC/MS card,USB removable hard disk

Video Output

HD 720P output: Y/Pb/Pr output
Interlaced output: NTSC 720X480 , PAL 720X576
Interlinear output: NTSC 480P , PAL 576P
Composite Video output: Composite

Audio Output


Video Format

RM,RMVB,VOB, AVI,DAT,3GP,MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4,DIVX3.11/ 4.0/ 5.0/6.0, ASF, MOV,

Audio Format

WMA, MP3, AAC, MIDI, Real Audio, MPEG audio layers I, II ,III. Read Audio, Dolby AC-3 5.1 (PC M, Dolby AC-3 5.1, MPEG Layer I/II/III, Ogg Vobris, FLAC , ALAC)

File Size

RealVideo-8/9/10 (1024*576), MPEG2(720*576)

Subtitle Format


Picture Format


Picture Management

Zoom and Rotate function

TV System


Menu Language type



Output:DC 5V 1.5-2A


TV Multi Media Player USB/SD/MMC RM RMVB MP4 AVITV Multi Media Player USB/SD/MMC RM RMVB MP4 AVITV Multi Media Player USB/SD/MMC RM RMVB MP4 AVI


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