Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 11,500 only!!!

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Low or no mobile signal inside your property

leaving you to hang out of a window?

Trying everything you can to keep one bar to make a call?
Your stuck in an 18/24 month contract but can't use your
phone at home or work?
You miss loads of calls because you have to leave your phone
in one place to get signal?


I. Products introductions

Phone signal repeater is used to amplify the wireless signal in small area (also known as sentinel coverage), the function is to send signal from base station to indoor coverage directly, and through the small base station antenna. At the same time mobile phone signal reception through the distribution system up to the base, it can effectively eliminate indoor bind spots, interference suppression, an indoor mobile user top provide a stable, reliable signal to small regional coverage for indoor coverage results achieved marginal field above-75dBm.

  1. Applicable scope
    1. Micro-regional signal blind spot or weak signal areas such as underground or semi-underground place of business, small basement, underground parking lots etc.
    2. The small signal complainants regional hot spots, such as conference rooms, small supermarket, small shopping malls, office and medium-sized public areas;
    3. Traffic and social influence of the region, such as bars, Internet cafes, dancehalls, cafes, health club, leisure entertainment;
    4. Elevators, escalators hole is not particularly laid cable connection elevator; Home, office, luxury yachts, private car, the public security system and road safety management

How All Signal Boosters Work?

Signal Boosters improve cell phone coverage by capturing the weak signals at certain frequency range and then amplifying the signals. Boosters do not process the signal, so they cannot distinguish signals and noises. They just simply amplify everything in their operation frequency range.

Even though the concept is simple, it is still a little challenge to make a good booster. The cell phone signals are tiny electric waves at very high frequencies. A very low level of noises, which are introduced during the boosting process, can significantly distort the original signals or interfere with the signals at other frequency spectrum. It is also hard to boost signals evenly on the frequency band. Any time lags caused by the process can make the signal useless as well.

800-900MHZ GSM Signal Booster / Repeater

Price: 11500php

Price: 13500php

Product Description


Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 11,500 only!!!Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 11,500 only!!!Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 11,500 only!!!Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 11,500 only!!!


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